Jack Nicholson, 75, Hits On Jennifer Lawrence, 22, At The Oscars

A representation of a confident woman that is Sexy without trying to be sexy, Jennifer Lawrence is HOTMAZING!

Hollywood Life

Lucky Jennifer! While celebrating her win at the 85th Academy Awards on Feb. 24, Jennifer caught Jack checking out her butt. At 75 years-old, he is more than three times her age!

The 85th Annual Academy Awards really was Jennifer Lawrence‘s lucky night! Not only did she take home the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, she also got hit on by legendary actor Jack Nicholson! Jennifer, 22, and Jack 75, have a 50 year age gap between them, and Jennifer is the same age as Jack’s daughter Lorraine! While being interviewed by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Jack wandered over to congratulate Jennifer, and he told her she looked like his ex girlfriend!

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Fall in Love with YOUR Wedding Dress: 8 ways to find it!

Finding a dress for a special occasion, like your wedding day is a memorable experience, so invest in these tips for inspiration!

1. Know your Body Type and Height: Ladies, this is the time, to admit to ourselves that our shape is a certain way, and we need to embrace it. If we accept our figure, the way we were built, we will have an easier time finding our style! Trust, this is the most important fact, Love yourself! Find one that flatters your shape!

Find out which one you are:

Pear-shaped, Rectangular, Hour-glass, Apple-shaped, Inverted Triangle, etc….

2. Color: find the right color that flatters your skin tone. What’s your skin tone? Find out by knowing what are the colors that are drawn to you. Look in your closet, and find the most prized pieces you wear over and over again, because you love the way it makes you feel.

3. Know your style: Refine it. do you know what style of dress you normally dress like? Find out what icons or decade of fashion you adore, build an inspirational mood board with what you want to dress like and start there. You want your “Love Dress” to capture your fun-personality and really outlines who you are. Be OPEN-MINDED! Don’t get stuck on the idea that there is only one dream dress that you dreamed of as a little girl,  because that particular dress may not fit your personality now. Do your research!

4. Dress Right for the type of season: This has to do with climate, and location. Envision how you want to look in your dream wedding surrounding , because this will help you in deciding what will complement your dress. For example, an airy silk chiffon dress is a comfortable choice for a Malibu wedding ..

5. Comfort: this is just as important as knowing your body type. Comfort is crucial, just like when you are buying a new pair of shoes, you need to know they FIT you! and you can actually walk in them. Finding a dress is the same way, when you try it on, make a checklist: Do your breasts feel secure? is the neckline too revealing? do you feel like the style of dress fits your body type? Do you like how the fabric feels against your skin? Can you walk in the dress and not feel like it will come off?

6. Get to your ideal weight goal! You want to look and feel great in that dress, so do what you need to do to get to goal. Set it and do it!

7. Look the Part: do your hair and makeup, and accessorize! Don’t be shy about this. go to the makeup counter and get your make-up done, this is a fun makeup company, http://www.benefit.com. Play your whole look, and play stylist! this is your moment.

8. Trust your consultant: This may be your fashion designer, mom, sister, or best friend. It’s the one person you trust because they give you their honest opinion on how outfits look on you. Follow their advice!

Check out my portfolio, http://www.ninakl.com, for what i did when my clients came to me for advice!


Strive to defy categorization

This is an important one and a tricky one, because it begins with loving yourself.
The Love of Self is, we hate to admit it a work in progress. It’s our life’s work.
It takes endurance, and self-confidence. Most of all, it means embracing your shadow side.
Sometimes, we hate waking up in the morning, and looking at ourselves in the mirror, and repeating the mantra, “I am worthy” because we live in a world of self expectations.
Go about it like this, and start today:
1. Forget about those expectations, and throw away the self-improvement manuals
2. Take 30 minutes and go through your old photos, or picture yourself mentally at the age of 8. Do you remember, that blast of energy you had and that amazing laugh you had? Get in touch with your inner child.
You are still there, she is hotmazing! Get into the spirit!
3. Talk to your best friend, the one that makes you laugh. She is the one that you love “just because”.
Now, talk to yourself, and say those exact same things you say to her. Repeat them, and laugh out loud.

It starts here folks, LOVE YOURSELF MADLY, for all YOUR FAULTS!
Next step is looking for your own style, now that’s hotmazing… stay tuned for the next post, in the meantime, you have some digging to do!!


What is Hotmazing?

Hotmazing is a term that I refer to women and their style. It is a term that means 100x more than the adjective “amazing”.  For example, “That dress is hotmazing”,  means that the dress  is not only “hot” but is drop dead gorgeous and looks amazing on her. I will give you tips of what it takes to look and feel beautiful, because you are all hotmazing!